10. Don’t forget the Past

CRM allows you to track all the communications between you and your clients. Especially when you have multiple employees working on the same projects, this constantly updated systems keeps everyone on the same page. You’ll be able to resolve more conflicts quickly and efficiently when you know the exact escalation of your client’s problems. When you know why your clients are having problems, you can solve them quickly and more efficiently.

9. Status is crucial

When you know exactly what clients are holding for a particular services and who was interested in which products, that would certainly help you manage out your clients to the right employees. A CRM is the easiest and most efficient way to manage your clients. With CRM you can see exactly where each client is and who is working on each of the clients most recent requests.

8. Know the Future

CRM software allows you to help tell your company’s future. If you manage your history correctly, you can start to understand an accurate expectation for your future product and client responses. CRM can help extrapolate information to help you understand what programs are working, and where your business could use some help. All without you needing to micromanage all of your clients communications.

7. Your memory is not perfect

With everything we have going on in our day, we are bound to forget facts and information about every single client we have. So how do you keep your information close, but not necessarily have to have all of it memorized? A CRM! You can use your CRM to store and manage hundred of clients and let a computer deal with recalling all of the important information about each one of them like it is their only client! And, all of your information about your clients are at the tip of your fingers

6. Emails are decentralized

Email inboxes are great, but once you start getting hundreds of clients needing specific information about their account, and having more than one person with access to the account, email inboxes get very difficult to organize. Searching through hundreds of thousands of emails to find one simple email is also becoming a dreadful experience. With email, you have to constantly be CC or BCC every person involved with the account, and who has the time to remember to do all of that? With CRM, you can have employees working together on one account, without the need to search through thousands of emails or BCC your secretary on every email you send and label each one.

5. Loss Data

How many times do you lose your notes or misplace your phone? With a web-based CRM all of your company information is protected from being lost. Constant backups are always happening, so even when your server fails, it is still backed up. And CRM software allows you to install everything on to a server of your choice and still manage and maintain your own data.

4. Metrics are a Must

Metrics are how you grow your company. What is working, what isn’t. And all though Excel spreadsheets can insert formulas, odds are you’ll make a mistake with one of the rows or columns numbers on those late night meetings at the office. And that could be a fatal blow to a project. A CRM can give you instant results on each account and your overall business projects. And you don’t have to enter a code in a box and hope that you typed in the right numbers. Once you’ve created it, you don’t even need to re-enter the information into the metrics or reports! It does it all for you! And once you have the metrics you can easily figure out where your time and resources are best spent.

3. Competition helps grow businesses

It is always good to have clear communications between your employees. In addition, competition helps your company grow. CRM software has leaders and goals to help with inter-office friendly competitions. Whatever the metrics are, CRM can help monitor who is most effective. And when your company has friendly competitive morale, everyone wins.

2. Track Your Day to Day

Calendars are crucial to maintain, and easy to maintain with a CRM software. Your CRM will make every task or event a referenced item on your calendar. It allows everyone on a project to seamlessly together and know what still needs to be accomplished with each client. Need to know where you’re going, but don’t have the ability to use your computer? Your smartphone can connect to your CRM interface and allows you to manage instantly tasks and events you need to remember and attend. Remember, CRM is based on the personal relationship with your customer.

1. Organization

The most important part of why CRM is needed in every business is simple. Organization. Your clients rely on you to be organized in order to keep their business together. CRM integrates everything, phone calls, emails, tasks, events, anything you need to know about that client all into one easy to use interfaced accessible platform. You’ll be able to keep all the pieces together, even when your pieces are all in different places. As we all know, organization is the key to every business, and CRM is the most efficient and safe way to organized everything.