How do those teenagers do it? Within seconds, all social media knows about the latest news, who scored the last point, and what they’re up to. They seem to have two things that businesses don’t… viewers and time. With everything at the tip of their fingers and friends all over the world, its no wonder why they like to keep it going. But businesses are struggling with time and, maybe even more importantly, views.

If you want to stay current and have the new generation of consumers promoting your products for you… you need social media. And I’m not talking about just a facebook page or a twitter account. If that’s all you have, consumers take one look and click away. The only way they will take the time to get to know you is it if you show them something of value… current posts, gorgeous photos.

Just think for a second about your favorite commercials… I know some of my favorite one’s barely even show the brand until the very end! The same goes with your social media accounts… It doesn’t even need to be directly in reference to your business! Think about it… you get your name out there by posting pictures of you and your employees cheering on Team USA in the FIFA World Cup. Did a natural disaster happen, send out your thoughts to those affected. On Memorial Day, post thank yous from your office to those who served our country. The bonus of posting things like this is that people tend to repost company and organization posts when it comes to breaking news and exciting events and major holidays.

Nowadays, you even have to know how to #hashtag #everything… No matter how #silly it seems to be, #hashtaging has changed posting and has brought in a whole new way to reach clients. When you make that post with you and your employees cheering for #Team USA in the #WorldCup2014 … try adding these usfa soccer#hashtags…#FIFA #WorldCup2014 #TeamUSA #Brasil2014… #Why? Simple… when your potential clients are looking for all of the posts that they are posting with their friends, your post shows up too!

Keeping your social media accounts current, updated, and most importantly, being viewed, is a tough task. But no need to worry… we have all of the ideas to make your company expand in the social media department! We can run all of your current campaigns and we can help you improve your online presence with no work on your part! It will keep your customers coming back to your page and keep you in their mind and also grow your reach!

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