Want to utilize the most powerful social networking site to help grow your mortgage business? This guide will walk you through steps of how to brand yourself via Linkedin so you can make connections, generate leads and pocket those deals. LinkedIn is the number-one place to market your mortgage business and if you want results, here’s how to get them…

Target your Audience:
Start off by targeting your audience. Simply click on “advanced” on the top right side of your home page next to the search box where you can enter everything you need to find the exact lead you’re looking for. Search by industry, keywords, company and title to start.

LinkedIn 3

Optimize your LinkedIn Group:

  • Add keywords in your group’s description to increase your search rankings while adding keywords in the title of the group to be readily detected.
  • Attach your company website or blog to the group to drive traffic to your site.
  • Make sure to add your blog RSS feed to the group so all new articles automatically post to every group member’s homepage.
  • Stay relevant by posting regularly to drive traffic to your site.

These points and a wisely set sales funnel will help you generate leads for your mortgage business. Also note, you need to create a group that meets the needs of your audience to ensure qualified leads.

Asking questions will build your credibility! The more questions you ask your target audience, the more likely they are to respond.

Tips for answering questions:
Set up the “Answer Application” on the bottom right-hand side of your homepage for the subjects you know well and when you see a question pop up that you know the answer to, follow these steps:

  • Do a little background check on the person who asked the question so you have a way to tie in a personal response while being helpful and resourceful.
  •  Give tips, website links or recommend experts on that topic.
  •  Answer with an invitation for more communication offering private messaging services for extra help.

Host Awesome Events:
Host powerful events by using the events platform that targets thousands of professionals. LinkedIn’s viral nature is useful insofar as once someone RSVPs to an event, the news is captured on the home profile so everyone that person is connected to is sees that message, spreading the word!

Send Personal Messages
The best way to get your leads’ attention is to connect with them on a personal level. Make sure to look at their profile, find out where they’ve worked in the past, the school(s) they’ve attended, what their interests are and who your mutual connections are. This seals the deal and increases chances of future opportunities.

Grow your mortgage business with LinkedIn:
Because LinkedIn is niche-specific, filters and search features can help you reach the right people in the mortgage world so make a point to stay active, continue updating your profile and always strive to add new contact. Put in the time and effort and watch how it works for you!