Loan officers and brokers often seek to create new leads either through referral partners or direct consumers. However, with the advent of the internet, there are several channels by which you can attain leads. Online Marketing is a promising method but can be overwhelming when deciding what approach to take and what strategies to execute. There are several ways for mortgage brokers and loan officers to do online marketing. We are going to cover four channels and explain the benefit of each.

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1.) Email Marketing:

The vast majority of your business comes from past clients and referrals so it’s important to remain proactively social and thus, visible in order to nurture those relationships so you can grow your business. Email campaigns prove to be the most cost effective way to reach out and stay in touch with past and current clients which inadvertently are likely to produce prospects. The logic is; maintain visibility and market relevancy through highly targeted messages and you’re unlikely to be forgotten when past clients are looking to buy or refer you to their friends.

Why you should do it:
Do you maintain your current and previous clients information in a database, CRM or any other location where you have an option to segment and target? If the answer is yes then start with one campaign every other month, keep it simple but get in the habit of doing it. There are ways to automate this process once you’ve set your foundation. Statistically, one to two out of your 100 contacts will do some sort of transaction every year! You want to be at the forefront of their mind when they’re ready so you won’t miss out on this opportunity.

2.) Online paid advertisements through Google Adwords using PPC advertising:
Surprisingly, not as many people use Google Adwords because the system is oversaturated with big advertising investors like Trulia, Zillow and Lendingtree who naturally dominate this sector by focusing on elite and broad lead capturing. Rest assured though, with Google Adwords you’re able to better target your audience and show your ads to people with very specific interests allowing potential clients to search for you.

Why you should do it:
Can you target your audience so you focus on niche products?
By carefully selecting your demographic based off age, location and language (to name a few), you can create a highly refined marketing campaign, weeding out people who aren’t necessarily interested in your services. For example, if you have an FHA loan and obtained it after 2012, you qualify to rid yourself the burden of a PMI and seeing as to how that’s a very specific criterion, you can target your audience and attract only those clients, while saving copious amounts of money with Adwords’ PPC only feature.

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3.) Google Display Network (GDN):
GDN is a useful channel in expanding your online reach. The network is comprised of blogs, news pages, and other sites deemed suitable for ads. GDN advertising allows you to target who you want, where you want. The keywords you have selected, will determine where your ad will be featured on different sites placing you in front of those who are most interested in your service.

Why you should do it:
If you’ve already exhausted the first and second channels, then this method will expose you to a new market. This method focuses more on branding versus lead generation. It might be more suitable for brokers than individual loan officers..

4.) Paid Social Media advertising on Facebook:
Most businesses aimlessly post on their Facebook page without having a strategy. With Facebook paid advertisements you can target your page audience so you’re visible to those who are interested versus just anyone who might just “like” your post.

Why you should do it:
Start with a small budget of $5/day and make sure you stay in the game! Make yourself visible to your targeted audience.

Remember: Social Media marketing has two main functions. Regular social media marketing requires a very specific posting and promoting strategy if you want to influence your clients. The quality and frequency of your posts subconsciously determines how your business is viewed as an authority. The social media paid advertisement needs less planning and less on-going support. With a Facebook Business Account you can implement the same systematic methodology used in Adwords to target your audience.

In summary, email campaign, online paid advertisements via Google and Facebook Social Media Paid Advertising are great resources for establishing your online presence if you strategize and selectively target your clients. Don’t be intimidated by how technology is being used to gain leads- we can help! Feel free to visit us at or call us at 1(877) 760-9218 for more information.