Mortgage brokers and loan officers commonly ask us how much it costs to build a website that generates quality leads. After all, more than 70% of mortgage loans originate online and no one wants to miss out on that potential. Just recently, we helped one of our loan officer clients overhaul their mortgage website and online marketing channels, so they could generate more leads.


What we did & why we did it

1. We set their marketing objective as: “Generate quality leads for asset based loans and stated income loans in the county”. The more focused the objective, the easier and more cost-effective your website development and marketing will be.

2. We asked questions to find out who would be most interested in our client’s loan programs, and defined their target audience as “self-employed small business owners who just got out of bankruptcy”. Knowing our audience helps us decide how to design the website (because different groups display different behaviors), and what advertising channels to target (like Google ads, social media or others).

3. We extensively discussed the pros and cons of different website styles and chose the mortgage website that best fits their needs. There’s no right or wrong answer; it depends on the client and how the chosen option is executed.

  • OPTION 1: Action Lead-Generation Website

This focuses on call-to-action forms and paying for advertising elsewhere on the web to attract attention. Users who click on the ad will end up on a landing page that aims to convert them. This type of marketing takes less time to get your message out there, but involves more advertising costs (such as pay-per-click advertising) and the cost of assessing and filtering leads.

  • OPTION 2: Information Lead Website

This focuses on educating users. Blogs, news, analysis, reviews and other informative content bring traffic to the site and conversions happen as a result. Unlike option 1, this type of website focuses less on paid advertising and more on content and organic results. However, it can take a longer time to establish the site in the market and it requires a lot of content creation.

  •  OPTION 3: Hybrid Website

This type of website is a mix between option 1 and 2. It uses a combination of both online advertising and quality content to generate leads.

4. We sized up local and national competitors because we need to know exactly who our competition is so we can adjust our strategy and be more visible online. Our research informs us where to advertise, what type of advertising to choose, how much budget is required and so on.

5. We went a step further than just the website and online marketing, and considered other oversights that could impact lead generation. This includes putting in place solid processes for capturing, qualifying and distributing leads.


How much it costs

You can get a lead-generating website for as little as $2,000, or more depending on the scope of your project and individual needs. To get an idea of how much it would cost you to get your website on the right track, call us at 1-877-872-6469 and we’ll give you a personalized, no obligations quote.