Despite a big improvement in technology over the past decade, few small and mid-sized mortgage companies have fully realized its benefits. Businesses have been built piece by piece over time, and marketing and customer relationship management tools tend not to function as a single system.

As some brokers will admit, they lack the expertise and time to effectively implement or manage these systems, or tap these resources. The challenges grow as new technologies emerge such as social media, video and mobile communications. Even those who do make online marketing a priority, may need help identifying their return on investment and the best sources of new clients.

This is where Envertex Realty can help. We allow your team to get back to closing loans by automating and managing the plumbing between your tools. We provide specialist marketing expertise and systems integration to benefit any mortgage company.

Here’s a typical scenario in the mortgage industry

1.      You get a new lead: You might export the details to an Excel file, keep it in your email, add it to your personal contacts, or enter it in a CRM (customer relationship management) system. You’ll most likely key this information in manually, but not into a central database.

2.      Your lead becomes a client: When a transaction begins, all his or her information will be manually entered again in the loan origination system (LOS).

3.      You complete your transaction: You want to stay in touch with that client. You might enter the same information again into tools like Mail Chimp, Survey Monkey, Facebook, Zillow, etc.

This “system” of systems and services is inefficient and difficult to manage, and the good news is that Envertex Realty can help you turn it around.


How we help – starting with a free consultation

As specialists in marketing, systems integration and management, we have the key to help you face everyday scenarios like the one above. Every project begins with a free consultation to discuss your brokerage, its specific challenges and appropriate responses.

If a website, management module or campaign hasn’t met your expectations, our team can identify why and help you to reach your goals. If you’re looking for a fresh start with a new site, or a custom app or service, we have the skills and experience to build an effective and affordable solution. We can also improve and automate marketing campaigns for more effective communications with prospects and clients.


A snapshot of our skills  

Paymon Rokni – Founder and CEO

Rokni has more than two decades of experience encompassing the specialties essential to the success of any business in this digital era: IT strategic planning, software engineering and development, cloud services, digital marketing, Web platforms and social media. He’s contributed to the success of start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, and held key responsibilities at such innovative market leaders as Cisco and Qlogic.

Dean Crounse – Co-founder and COO

Crounse draws on extensive leadership experience at Cisco, Bearing Point and Oracle to guide Envertex Realty’s Advanced Services Team. His background in marketing automation, enterprise resource planning, human resource management, and business intelligence informs Envertex Realty’s approach to crafting solutions for the challenges clients face, with quantifiable results.


Start Now

Contact us today for your free consultation at 1-877-872-6469. Technology can be a great liberator, but it can also burden the broker with new responsibilities, new marketing channels and strategies to consider. Whether you have systems already in place or are considering fresh initiatives, Envertex Realty has the team, track record and technical mastery to help you build a more efficient and profitable brokerage.