Bringing Mortgage Professionals Services They Need

Despite a big improvement in technology over the past decade, few small and mid-sized mortgage companies have fully realized its benefits. Businesses have been built piece by piece over time, and marketing and customer relationship management tools tend not to function as a single system.

As some brokers will admit, they lack the expertise and […]

Being Smart with Social Media – Part 2

Not every business is the same. Not every business can use the same techniques and programs to get their company ahead of the pack. One huge aspect that social media gets you is direct contact with your consumers. LISTEN to them!

Being Smart with Social Media – Part 1

When it comes to social media, businesses are constantly being weighed down with questions like “Where do I start?” or “What do I do first?”. But what is the even harder question... “How do I learn how to do what I need to do, if I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing?” It's important to remember the way each company uses social media is going to be different because each company is different.

4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Consumers Engaged

Social media works best in simplicity. You don't need paragraphs or pages telling consumers about what makes your company the best... In fact, the exact opposite seems to work best for online marketing! Notice that twitter only allows you to post 140 characters! (That is less than just this section of the post!) You don't even need to post every hour! One to two posts a day will actually keep your consumers engaged the most!

Too busy for Social Media?

Nowadays, you even have to know how to #hashtag #everything... No matter how #silly it seems to be, #hashtaging has changed posting and has brought in a whole new way to reach clients.
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Beat your Competitors in Internet Searches

How do you grow businesses? You know people, you connect with people, you connect people to each other. The same thing goes for your online accounts. Your business needs to connect.

Building a Relationship with your CRM

Just like building a business, building a working relationship with your CRM isn't going to happen immediately.

Choosing a CRM Software for Your Company

First and foremost, when choosing a company to use for CRM software, you need to figure out what your business requires from the CRM software. Make a list of precise and attainable goals for your CRM software to maintain and accomplish. In your list, also include what functions are necessary for your companies success, what functions would be nice to have, and what functions do not have any use for your company. Once you have narrowed down what to focus in on and what to throw out, you are in a great position to select a CRM software that will be best for your company.

Why a Crowd-Funding website?

A crowd-funding website is a great and innovative way of fundraising in the digital age. Even though each fundraising website has a unique spin to it, they all have the same objective: Bringing those who can finance to those who are fundraising.

Why Mortgage Brokers Fail using Facebook

For Mortgage Professionals Facebook and Social Media are expected. Find out how you can avoid the pitfalls.