What SEO Means For Mortgage Brokers

We get many calls from mortgage brokers who are looking to build their online brand, and a very common question is: “Do you do SEO?” We’re always tempted to say “no” to avoid building unrealistic expectations. After all, there are many misunderstandings in the market on SEO and many activities being done under the […]

Bringing Mortgage Professionals Services They Need

Despite a big improvement in technology over the past decade, few small and mid-sized mortgage companies have fully realized its benefits. Businesses have been built piece by piece over time, and marketing and customer relationship management tools tend not to function as a single system.

As some brokers will admit, they lack the expertise and […]

Beat your Competitors in Internet Searches

How do you grow businesses? You know people, you connect with people, you connect people to each other. The same thing goes for your online accounts. Your business needs to connect.

Building a Relationship with your CRM

Just like building a business, building a working relationship with your CRM isn't going to happen immediately.

Why a Crowd-Funding website?

A crowd-funding website is a great and innovative way of fundraising in the digital age. Even though each fundraising website has a unique spin to it, they all have the same objective: Bringing those who can finance to those who are fundraising.

Online Marketing for Mortgage Companies – 2014 Whitepaper

Please find the attached download of our Annual Report of Online Marketing Tips and Trends for 2014.   Every year we are amazed on new techniques to build your online brand and generate leads.

About Paymon:

Paymon Rokni
Founder, CEO
With nearly two decades of career experience encompassing multiple IT specialties, Paymon Rokni offers expertise as an innovative and […]

Why Mortgage Brokers Fail using Facebook

For Mortgage Professionals Facebook and Social Media are expected. Find out how you can avoid the pitfalls.
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    How Mortgage Professionals should use Linkedin for Inbound Marketing

How Mortgage Professionals should use Linkedin for Inbound Marketing

LinkedIn is probably the best social media platform for Mortgage professionals to utilize.  LinkedIn can bring in quality leads and maximize your social media contacts.  Studies indicate that mortgage professionals who implement proven LinkedIn sales and marketing strategies have grown their originations by more than 30 percent. Below are some guidelines to utilize to […]

10 Reasons to Update your Website

Online marketing has evolved to be a competitive industry. In this technological era, examining user engagement with a website and determining which variables are considered to be successful can be difficult.  Below are 10 simple ways to determine if your website can stay ahead of your competition in 2014.

MOBILITY-Is your website compatible with smart […]

Where to place your Ads – Online Advertising Strategy


As the Industrial Revolution greatly impacted economies of scale in core leading countries, it also created more competition between producing industries and more selection for consumers  to choose from.  As the speed of goods and services were being produced at a faster rate technological advancements with social devices developed over time.  Overtime sales production […]