Building a Relationship with your CRM

Just like building a business, building a working relationship with your CRM isn't going to happen immediately.

Choosing a CRM Software for Your Company

First and foremost, when choosing a company to use for CRM software, you need to figure out what your business requires from the CRM software. Make a list of precise and attainable goals for your CRM software to maintain and accomplish. In your list, also include what functions are necessary for your companies success, what functions would be nice to have, and what functions do not have any use for your company. Once you have narrowed down what to focus in on and what to throw out, you are in a great position to select a CRM software that will be best for your company.
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    Is your Drip Marketing Working – 6 Metrics You Need To Track

Is your Drip Marketing Working – 6 Metrics You Need To Track

Everyone is trying to figure out how to do email marketing, and more importantly to it right! It’s free, no more postage stamps to keep you on your client’s minds. What’s better than that? But how exactly do you know if what you’re doing is actually working?

In order to figure out what to do, […]

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Do the 4 Step – the Inbound Marketing Dance

Seeking to Market Your Business Online? 

The latest technique for utilizing the internet as an online platform is through Inbound Marketing.  Inbound marketing attracts potential clients and turns them into customers wanting your business.   Inbound marketing begins with aligning your content you publish with your customer’s interests and engage prospects.  According to HubSpot an online […]

Online Marketing 101 – Start Here

Online marketing can be an exciting asset to modern companies. A business can expect to see measurable gains in profit through the use of online marketing. This online form of marketing offers many advancements over its print, radio, and television forerunners. Online marketing is very cost-effective and can be tailored to reach specific demographics […]

2014 Trends for Online Marketing

A new report from EMARKETER, says that the US retail industry will spend $9.42 billion this year on paid digital media alone. By 2017, that number is expected to grow to $13.5 billion, representing a 10.5 percent compound annual growth rate.

1. Mobile Connected Devices Creating New Social 

There is expected to be 24 BILLION CONNECTED […]

Best Practices for Client Communications

Here are best practices to implement for communicating with leads, clients and partners.

Use the Phone — Pick up the phone and call.  Email & Texting is good, but if a customer seems unsure about your firm’s abilities, a phone conversation a better way to close the gap.  Make sure you log the call in […]

Demolish the Competition in 2014

To segment an email lists and personalize the content will result in more qualified leads. “Integrated inbound marketing” will continue to be the key to success combining content, SEO, social, email, and marketing analytics. The ultimate recognition that the consumers have all the power — over their time, their attention, their decision-making and buyer path, and, increasingly, what a company offers to sell. Consumers (“with all the power”) will research and buy across many channels and screens. Thus, all marketing channels need to work together to match that behavior. IT must connect with Marketing to assess ROI so adjustments can be made.