What SEO Means For Mortgage Brokers

We get many calls from mortgage brokers who are looking to build their online brand, and a very common question is: “Do you do SEO?” We’re always tempted to say “no” to avoid building unrealistic expectations. After all, there are many misunderstandings in the market on SEO and many activities being done under the […]

Bringing Mortgage Professionals Services They Need

Despite a big improvement in technology over the past decade, few small and mid-sized mortgage companies have fully realized its benefits. Businesses have been built piece by piece over time, and marketing and customer relationship management tools tend not to function as a single system.

As some brokers will admit, they lack the expertise and […]

See Why Persistent Contact Matters

The Figures on Persistent Contact

Automated follow up is hugely important for loan officers and realtors, and there are several strong statistics to back that up. Here is a selection of recent figures that show the importance of follow ups:

2% of sales are made on the first contact.
3% of sales are made on the second […]

Online Marketing for Mortgage Companies – 2014 Whitepaper

Please find the attached download of our Annual Report of Online Marketing Tips and Trends for 2014.   Every year we are amazed on new techniques to build your online brand and generate leads.

About Paymon:

Paymon Rokni
Founder, CEO
With nearly two decades of career experience encompassing multiple IT specialties, Paymon Rokni offers expertise as an innovative and […]

Demolish the Competition in 2014

To segment an email lists and personalize the content will result in more qualified leads. “Integrated inbound marketing” will continue to be the key to success combining content, SEO, social, email, and marketing analytics. The ultimate recognition that the consumers have all the power — over their time, their attention, their decision-making and buyer path, and, increasingly, what a company offers to sell. Consumers (“with all the power”) will research and buy across many channels and screens. Thus, all marketing channels need to work together to match that behavior. IT must connect with Marketing to assess ROI so adjustments can be made.