When it comes to social media, businesses are constantly being weighed down with questions like “Where do I start?” or “What do I do first?”. But what is the even harder question… “How do I learn how to do what I need to do, if I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing?” It’s important to remember the way each company uses social media is going to be different because each company is different.

Make Your Business Goals

What is your business trying to accomplish with social media? Although the most obvious answer is that your business wants to make more money… with Social Media you have to look beyond the money to be able to create an increased ROI with it. There is always a financial goal with social media. The hardest part is that the financial goals aren’t instant with social media. Like any new advertising campaign, it takes time and energy to work it enough to see an increase in profits.

Instead of just looking at financial results, try new measurements in addition to financial. Looking into the emotional and enjoyable returns on your social media can be a good way to not only grow a positive reputation of your company, but also has the opportunity to increase your employees view of the company by including them in the social media posts and interactions. There is always a great sense of accomplishment when you watch one of your posts go viral or your “likes” and comments skyrocketing.

There are also ways to make literal social media goals. One way to do this is set measurable increases in parts of your social media. For example, increasing your facebook fans by 5% in two days… You can reach goals like this by having promotions that followers can use if you reach your goals. Or make goals about the frequency of your posts. Something like making a goal to post twice a week would help to start your media presence.

An important goal that is often overlooked is to find a goal that is repeatable. It can get grueling to try and find a brand new post or offer every time you look at your social media. You can start measuring what types of posts give you the best views, likes, comments, interactions. Once you know what works for your followers, you can start shaping more goals around the posts that are repeatable. A current trend that would work great with your repeatable posts in “ThrowBack Thursday”. You can take idea like that and throw back to your favorite posts or a “remember when we got 100 fans in two days, let’s do it again” and run the same promotion you did a few months prior.

Learn Your SurroundingsID-100273452

Just like all businesses, some social media caters to particular environments better than others. Knowing what type of industry you fall into will help guide what kind of marketing social media can provide. Do you have an ever developing product line? Instagram would be a great place to start posting pictures through (and BONUS: they can post directly to your facebook!) What are the other companies is your industry doing? Is everyone on linkedin, but no one on facebook? Is everyone on facebook and posting regularly? Where do fit on the line compared to people in your industry? Who is your audience? How do they use social media? These are all important questions to figure out when you are entering the world of social media.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of our Being Smart with Social Media series!