Some of the most important part of finding businesses in this modern age is through basic internet searching. What is the first thing anyone does when they are questioning anything… They look to their favorite search engine. Just like your first reaction when looking for something is to use your favorite search engine, your potential clients are doing THE EXACT SAME THING! So, the first thing you want to figure out is what your main keyword is when you want people to get to your website. If you are in the mortgage industry, most likely your main keyword would be mortgage or loan. But with so many options nowadays … how do you claim that number one spot in all the search engines?

  1. Quality Reviews

    When search engines are looking for what will fit your customers needs, they look for reviews. Search engines are a lot like a contest, who can climb the highest for your keyword. Reviews allow the search engines to do something machines can’t, it allows them to feel. Or better yet, calculate our feelings, the feelings of the customers who have taken the time to review the company.

    It’s not just the amount of reviews you have, but also the quality… Search engines look for words that show positive and negative experiences. Words like best, good, or great service always will be noted by the search engine, giving you “more points” toward higher seating in the search engine. The more positive words each review has, the higher it will rate the customer experience. The way that a machine can tell if a company is good, is by us, the consumers, simply telling the search engine that the company is, in fact, great.

  2. Google Places

    Mortgage brokers seem to be everywhere. You can’t just build a website and move on, expecting to be the number one search, even with great reviews. People are looking for someone local to help them with their mortgage. But how you present as a local business is very important. If you only have the name of your company, and in your name there is no relation to loans or mortgage, when people search for local mortgage companies, your name will not show up. Simply because, they are searching for something, and your name doesn’t tell them that you can help them. Also, make sure you “claim” your google places account. If you don’t claim it, google doesn’t know if you are just an idea or if you are really there generating business.

  3. Links

How do you grow businesses? You know people, you connect with people, you connect people to each other. The same thing goes for your online accounts. Your business needs to connect. Whether if it’s to relevant news articles about your company or the industry you are in, connect to others. Links keep you relevant. Links remind search

ID-100211231engines that you are important and you are current. Your company becomes the most relevant by staying relevant. If you haven’t updated a link in a year… well search engines start to think that you no longer exist because you are no longer relevant and have nothing new to offer consumers.

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