Loan officers often either work with a brokerage or directly with banks. Typically, after spending several years with the same institution, they often choose to either jump ship or go solo. Over the years, we’ve had several clients spend their precious time directly working for companies without ever establishing an online presence and what tends to happen is they attain leads and prospects only to dump them into their company’s existing system. So when the time comes to leave, they have nothing and are left to start from scratch.This is why it’s important to have a personal website that doesn’t have to be all too complicated.

At Envertex, LLC, we own multiple sample sites for use once our clients’ co-branding permission is authorized. This is highly beneficial as they move from one brokerage to the next because they can rebrand and associate themselves with the new company with a pending history resulting in an online presence with a greater history, increasing their odds of getting google and other search engines’ attention.It’s important to note, the longer there’s an online presence the more credible they will appear and as we all know, reputation matters! Often times, most of their prospects or clients will notice their name and will contact them because they present their own brand while knowing they work for a reputable company.

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The same principle applies to their contact database or any CRM, such as Salesforce, which we personally use. If marketing dollars are spent capturing leads and securing prospects, placing them into a system that’s not accessible long term is going to be their loss. Years of investing time and energy is really a loan officer’s biggest asset is who they know. One of our past clients was working for another bank that had lots of foot traffic and that information captured – nearly 1000-1500 prospects over a 2 year span- was lost once he started his own company so as you can see, ownership matters!

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In short, there are very simple and cost effective solutions available and at Envertex, LLC, we know, at minimum, a loan officer needs to have a website and CRM system to carry over once they make that move…

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