1. Keep it Simple

Social media works best in simplicity. You don’t need paragraphs or pages telling consumers about what makes your company the best… In fact, the exact opposite seems to work best for online marketing! Notice that twitter only allows you to post 140 characters! (That is less than just this section of the post!) You don’t even need to post every hour! One to two posts a day will actually keep your consumers engaged the most!

  1. Talk about your Employees

Feature an employee each week on your social media pages. It brings your company to life and adds personalities to your company. Congratulate employees on major events in their life, work anniversaries are a great thing to showcase on your Facebook pages! Try posting fun information about your employees, then and now pictures are always fun and could be a great start! On holidays, post a picture of your employees dressed up or celebrating! Especially make sure you do this for national holidays! One great example is to thank our troops on Memorial day or 4th of July!

  1. Pictures speak 1000 words

Remember… keep it simple. Picture posts don’t need an excessive explanation… A simple one sentence description about the picture is more than enough to grab someone’s attention!

  1. Ask Questions

Who likes a one sided friendship where your friend knows NOTHING about you, but you know EVERYTHING about them? Talk to your consumers… build a relationship with your followers! Ask for their input! People are more likely to engage with question posts than non-question posts!


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