a_boyby Mike Hatcher

I’m not very good at gambling, but I enjoy watching others who are very good. I love watching them win big. They make it look simple and no big deal but there is definitely an art and science about knowing when to go “all in” and when to fold. One of the reasons I enjoy Google search is because it’s like a game. There are clear winners and losers. By searching for your keywords in Google, you can clearly see which of these two groups you belong.

a_tomCruisBefore exploring more, Google your “money” keyword. Do you know what your top 5 “money” keywords are for your business? This would be the keyword that someone would type into a search engine to find your business.

For example, if you are a restaurant specializes in raw fish and sake, your money keyword would probably be “sushi.” If you are a local Best Buy, your money keywords are the hottest selling electronic gear items. If you are a precious metal trader, your money keywords are “buy gold.”

a_boxWhat’s cool about the game is there is only one first place. The rest are either not paying attention or need to work harder to claim the top spot. If your business is in the first place spot in Google for your money keyword, then here’s my “attaboy!” For the rest of us, I’m here to help so keep reading.

Google is banking it’s reputation on trusting their rankings. They’ve done an amazing job building and branding. Now everyone says “Google it” rather than “look it up on the internet.” This happens because they identify what spots/sites consumers recognize as a good experience. Following this path is what gets you found by all the consumers driving the internet looking for your service.

Here’s the list of ways your competitors are beating you in the search. The good news is that this is VERY possible to overcome and become the wizard of your money words!

a_girl1. Put a HOT Dress On

I’m sure you are not even reading what I write here because you are appreciating the nice dress (swim suit) Kate Upton is wearing.

If your company has the resources to spend on truly advancing its website, the updates mean a significant thing: you can out position your competition by simply having a better website, which means offering better products and services, providing best value, and refining your website’s user experience.

Stop all “spammy” link building practices immediately. Marketers should focus on cleaning up their link profiles and should aim their efforts at creating compelling and textually rich content that includes images, video, and audio, and that fully explores what attracts new customers and keeps them coming back. “If you take care of your customers, they (and Google) will take care of you.

a_googlePin2. Google Places

Google leans on their internal framework for local listings.

More people search for businesses online than anywhere. Duh. So of course it’s important to make sure your local business listing can be easily found on Google.com and Google Maps. With Google Places, creating a great listing takes just a few minutes and doesn’t cost a thing.

Your business probably already shows up on Google, but you should still verify your listing and make sure its details are accurate and thorough. Your improvements will start appearing soon after you verify them through Google Places. Also, you can add notifications

Your Google local business listing is an easy way to maintain an online presence even if you don’t have a website. You can visit Google Places anytime to edit your information or see how many people have seen and clicked on your listing.

Make your listing really look like a place you would actually visit. Use photos and videos; custom categories like your service area, brands you sell and how to find parking; and coupons to encourage customers to make a first-time or repeat purchase.

a_website-strategy3. Links

Formerly, one of the most important factors behind a website’s visibility was the number of inbound links – links from other websites to your website. Now, inbound links, while important, are beginning to be replaced by social signals. Google’s algorithms are already taking social media profiles into consideration.

Over the next year, these algorithms will more than likely become more intelligent and “socially sensitive.” Everything from the number of posts, likes, followers, comments, and shares – things your audience does to interact and engage with you and your brand – will play a role in your business’s search engine ranking.

If you are one of the many businesses that have not jumped on the social media bandwagon, then take the time to get active on social media platforms. Social media usage will play a more important role in how visible your website is in comparison to your competitors.


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